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Services are provided in the following locations:

  • Willow Tree Wellness Cooperative

  • In the Community: CREW

  • In your own home

  • A location that's most comfortable for you: a park, a walking trail, etc.

Senior Physiotherapy
Dance Class

One on One

-Initial establishment of a clients interests, history, and personalized goals.

-Work 1:1, up to 60 minute sessions with individualized attention and specific movement programs developed based on a client's abilities and personal goals.

-Focus on safe and effective movement with focus placed on proper movement patterns and form.

- 1 hour session: $35

-Package of 4 sessions: $120

Small Group

-2-4 individuals who work in a small group setting to achieve similar goals and support/motivate each other.

-Up to 60 minute session with individualized attention to ensure proper techniques and form.

-2 individuals: $25 per person

-3-4 individuals: $20 per person


Upcoming Classes: All classes are 2x per week for 4 week session. Cost is $45.00 per session.


Classes at Willow Tree Wellness






-Check out what Stephanie is offering in the Community:

Lodi CREW Facebook Page

-Find Stephanie teaching a basic Movement and Strength class at

Reach Out Lodi:  Wednesdays, 2:00pm

Call Reach Out Lodi to Register

Together at the Top
Physical Therapy Session

Everyone Move

-Programs designed for individuals living with chronic conditions, physical, and/or cognitive limitations

-1 on 1 individualized programs to assist in increasing movement and enjoyment in movement

-Modifications/adaptations to be created as needed

One on One/Small group Pricing applies

Back to Life

-A transition for individuals who are post formal physician ordered therapy or post medical/surgical care.  Clients still looking to improve or expand their recovery on their journey to returning to prior level of functioning or a new way of life.  Ex: post joint replacement surgeries, fractures, back surgeries, stroke, etc.

-Individualized program to assist in continuing journey towards recovery and return to prior level of functioning

-Stephanie has 19 years as a licensed Occupational Therapist.  She possesses the knowledge and experience to understand an individuals needs and precautions following discharge from formal therapy.

-Does not replace physician prescribed therapy.  Once the client is discharged from formal therapy and obtains physician clearance to participate, Stephanie will help the client gain confidence as they desire to continue to work on movement and strength with a professional with rehab experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are your business hours?

Mission Movement has flexible business hours.  Please call Stephanie to schedule a session time that works for you.  Class times vary and will be posted on the Mission Movement website and Facebook page.

2. Where is Mission Movement located?

Mission Movement has a home base inside the beautifully renovated Willow Tree Wellness building at 109 Lodi St. in Lodi, WI.  Classes are offered at various locations throughout the community and Stephanie provides services at a location of your choice. Maybe you feel more comfortable working together in your home, at a park outside, on a hiking trail, or any place you find inspires you to move.

3. Who would benefit from the services Mission Movement offers?

The short answer is ANYONE.  However, Mission Movement focuses on helping bring movement to the lives or those who are new to movement, those that may require modifications to movement due to injury/illness/surgery, and those who want to continue to have movement in their life.  Stephanie has a passion for working with older adults and individuals with physical and/or cognitive limitations.  Mission Movement is not a gym or traditional personal training service. If performance training for events such as a marathon or bodybuilding are your goals, Mission Movement is not for you. However, Stephanie will be happy to help you find another trainer who focuses on those needs.

4. Do you accept insurance?

No, Mission Movement does not accept insurance.

5. My doctor wants me to go to outpatient therapy, can I just come see you?

If you have a physician order for Physical or Occupational Therapy, it is important that you follow through with your doctor's order and see an outpatient therapist. Once you have been discharged from formal physician ordered therapy, we can work together to continue to work toward meeting your goals.

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