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Stephanie Caves


Stephanie is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and a licensed Occupational Therapist.  She believes strongly that everyone is capable of moving their body; they may just need to make modifications or change the way they move.  She also believes in the benefits of strength training to improve our bodies overall functional performance. 

Stephanie is inspired to work with all individuals to promote and incorporate movement into their life.  Her focus for her clients is not placed on one single element or placed on physical performance or body composition.  Rather, the focus is placed on developing a lifestyle of movement and strength.  She believes that with this approach, her clients will feel the physical and psychological benefits from movement.

Given her strong skills working in the rehabilitation field for 19 years, she provides a unique understanding of individual needs.  She possesses the skills to make modifications to a movement based on a clients abilities and/or limitations.  Stephanie provides a positive and motivating environment that will encourage clients to reach their goals.  Along with encouraging confidence in her clients to try something new.  She focuses on a personalized approach to working with her clients to make movement not just a "fad", but to inspire movement to become part of their lifestyle.

Stephanie is inspired to work with all individuals but has a focus on those who are new to movement, have limitations in movement, need guidance/modifications to movement, and those returning to movement following injury or surgery.  She has a special interest in working with the Active Aging population to assist in maintaining functional movement, strength, and flexibility necessary to continue living an independent lifestyle.

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