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We believe that everyone has a unique journey to reach their own personal level of wellness.  You deserve movement in your life.  You are worthy of the benefits of movement.

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Meet the woman behind Mission Movement and how she can educate you to move your body and better your health.

Information about one on one sessions, small group classes and community events.

Interested in making an appointment or want to reach out for more information?  Contact Stephanie here.

"Stephanie is nothing short of fabulous! She provides individual attention within a group setting to address the specific needs of each participant.  Our community is fortunate to have her."

Kathy E.

"I was hesitant to start the class because standing for a length of time was painful.  Stephanie coaches you thru strengthening your muscles, helps practice balance, and educates you on what you are doing right or what you need to work on.  I walked like I was an old lady, bent and a waddle walk.  I may be pushing 75 but I now walk like I'm a healthy 60 year old - aware of my posture.
Thank you Stephanie, for all that you do."

Kathy D.

"I have been taking Stephanie’s classes for over a year.  I have signed up for every class she has taught in Lodi so far.
She is knowledgable, friendly, engaging and manages to keep track of all of the health and structural problems of all of us in her classes. 
Stephanie manages to keep me moving and far more flexible than I have achieved in many years of physical therapy. 
Thank you Stephanie."

Martha Alberti

Elderly Woman at Gym

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